Airspeed Measurement System

The most sensitive airspeed reading technology ever developed to measure and track downdraft and crossdraft airspeed in critical process environments.

  • Measures air speed vector in two axis

  • Indicates direction of air movement

  • Resolution down to 2 fpm

  • No moving parts

  • No maintenance required

  • Data recorded on smart device

The patent pending AirStat represents a major advancement in airspeed reading technology. Delivering unparalleled precision and performance, AirStat monitors delicate air movement and provides users with responsive measurement capabilities at accuracy tolerances required in critical process environments. AirStat's operating platform was developed utilizing modern digital mobile and cloud-based technologies.



  • Automotive paint shops

  • Healthcare operating rooms & patient isolation rooms

  • Cleanroom environments

  • Commercial and residential spaces

  • Indoor public locations (schools/airports/convention centers)


"Making the invisible, visible"

Our proprietary 3D visualization technology displays the results from the airspeed measurements taken with the AirStat in a data-rich, highly detailed visual perspective. This granular level of airflow information enables our customers to take the appropriate corrective action to ensure their environment is operating within specified guidelines.


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